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UAE is a Leading International Destination for Setting up Businesses

UAE Leading International Destination

Why the UAE is a Premier Global Destination for Businesses

The United Arab Emirates has positioned itself as a top global hub for businesses specializing in innovation. It is also a leading center for artificial intelligence and entrepreneurship. This strategic focus has attracted significant foreign investment. It has also boosted the UAE’s international business and investment attractiveness indices standings.

With its unwavering commitment to economic improvement, the UAE incentivizes investors to support this growth and actively fosters entrepreneurship. Additionally, it encourages the establishment of new companies to diversify its national income streams. This commitment instills confidence in potential investors about the country’s stability and growth potential.

Thirteen specific benefits and incentives are available to investors in the UAE. These initiatives have significantly increased the nation’s investment appeal, drawing substantial foreign investments. They have also reinforced its status as a premier global investment destination.

Effortlessly Start Your Business in the UAE in Just 15 Minutes

Basher is an advanced digital platform catering to investors and entrepreneurs globally and within the UAE. This platform offers comprehensive government services to simplify business operations and enhance business efficiency. It also aims to increase investment flow into the UAE.

Transforming the business setup process, Basher provides a secure and user-friendly digital platform that streamlines procedures. This enables investors and entrepreneurs to acquire a business license without physical visits to government offices. Businesses can bypass traditional paperwork and bureaucratic challenges by leveraging Basher, ensuring swift and efficient establishment processes.

Enjoy Full Ownership of Your Company in the UAE

Since introducing the Commercial Companies Law in 2020, international investors can now establish and own companies across the UAE and its regions. This eliminates the mandatory requirement of a UAE national agent. This significant change allows foreign companies seeking to establish branches and conduct business activities in the UAE to operate independently. It eliminates the necessity of a local sponsor.

Explore 40+ Free Zones in the UAE for Business Setup

The United Arab Emirates offers more than 40 free zones, allowing foreign investors to maintain complete ownership of their companies. This diversity includes a wide selection of free zones across the country. These options allow Investors to choose the most suitable location for their business ventures. Each free zone supports various economic activities, making them an appealing option for investors to optimize their business prospects.

Explore Investment Opportunities in the UAE

Investment Opportunities in the UAE

Foreign investors in the UAE can explore diverse investment opportunities spanning trade, agriculture, services, education, health, and construction. The country offers a wide range of sectors for investment. With over 2000 economic activities, investors have ample options to diversify their portfolios. It’s worth noting that only a few strategic activities are restricted by law in the UAE. This ensures a vibrant and dynamic investment environment across the country.

Diverse Company Structures Available for Foreign Investors

The UAE allows foreign investors to own a range of commercial entities, such as public joint stock companies, private joint stock companies, limited liability companies (LLCs), simple recommendation companies, and solidarity companies. These options provide flexibility in choosing business structures suited to different investment needs. This legal framework offers flexibility and choice for foreign investors seeking to establish businesses in the UAE.

Exemption from Local Agent Under UAE Commercial Companies Law

Foreign companies looking to establish branches and conduct business in the UAE can benefit from the absence of a local agent requirement. This change is part of the UAE Commercial Companies Law. This regulatory change enhances operational flexibility and ease of market entry for international businesses. This exemption streamlines the business setup process, improves transparency, and facilitates smoother operations for foreign entities in the UAE.

Foreign Control of Boards in UAE Joint Stock Companies

Under the UAE Commercial Companies Law, the chairman of the board of directors and the majority of board members are not required to be UAE nationals. This regulation enables foreign investors to maintain complete control over their shares in joint stock companies. Exceptions to this rule can only made if specified by a decision. This provision enhances flexibility and control for foreign stakeholders in the UAE.

No Minimum Capital Requirement for UAE Businesses

In the UAE, investors must specify capital in their articles of incorporation and association. However, limited liability companies (LLCs) have no minimum capital requirement. This legal provision simplifies the business setup process and offers greater flexibility for investors in planning their projects. This advantageous feature of UAE law creates a favorable environment for entrepreneurs aiming to establish and grow their businesses there.

Golden Residency Visa for Investors in the UAE

Golden Residency Visa for Investors in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates offers a long-term residency visa program known as the Golden Visa. This provides ten years of residency for investors, entrepreneurs, and individuals. This initiative enables residents and their families to establish roots, conduct business, and fully engage in the UAE’s vibrant culture. The Golden Visa facilitates a seamless transition for those looking to live, work, and thrive in the UAE for an extended period.

Ease of Hiring Professional Labor in the UAE

The UAE is renowned as a hub for talent, skilled labor, and human capital in vital economic sectors. This reputation stems from its flexible labor policies and ease of attracting foreign workers. The UAE’s expanding labor market has fostered the development of a highly specialized workforce across various industries. These favorable conditions make the UAE an attractive destination for businesses seeking top-tier professional talent.

Low Tariffs Enhance UAE’s Position as a Global Trade Hub

Low tariffs have been instrumental in establishing the UAE as a leading hub for international trade. With government-imposed tariffs ranging from zero to 5 percent, the UAE has significantly strengthened its status as a global trade leader. Additionally, this has strengthened its position as a regional trade leader. The country ranks third globally and first in the Arab world for re-exports, highlighting its strong presence in the international market.

Industrial Sector Incentives in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates offers various incentives to promote investment in industries like technology and manufacturing. These incentives encompass competitive financing options alongside strategic and competitive tariffs. Moreover, the UAE provides customs exemptions on investments. This includes production inputs such as machinery and raw materials to support the industrial sector. Initiatives like these in the UAE can further stimulate local industry, providing additional incentives for businesses operating within the UAE.

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